Saturday, November 14, 2015

Reflecting Christmas; The Introduction

Greetings Everyone,
Here is the Introduction to Reflecting Christmas, our Christmas E-book. This Project is very close to my heart. It's purpose will be to serve as a reminder of what Reflecting the Spirit of Christmas is all about.

As was previously mentioned, we are posting the rough draft of this project here so you can read it and share your thoughts. Throughout the next few weeks, everything offered will be prayerfully considered and in the end, and with God's help, our hope is that this little eBook will bless many. 

The 5 people who give us the most *useful* feed back will receive a digital copy of the completed eBook as a gift once it is finished. Again, I ask that those who are willing, keep this process in their thoughts and prayers. Thanks in advance for your support on this project.


 Have you ever heard someone say, “People need to reflect the Christmas Spirit a little bit more?” I have, many times, and usually it reminds me of the film, The Muppet Christmas Carol.” In the last few lines of this film, the narrator says something about Mr. Scrooge that I believe speaks to this question. It goes something along the lines of “and Scrooge lived in the Christmas spirit all the days of his life.” 


Throughout this version of a classic tale, the Muppets bring in many different aspects of Scrooge’s past to remind him that living selfishly will have its consequences and that there is still time to change. At first, Mr. Scrooge resists in every possible way, but as he reflects on the choices he has made in life, something begins to change and his eyes start to see the damage they have really caused. After the visit from the three ghosts, though, everything changes and Mr. Scrooge becomes a completely different person. 
  This is a great depiction of the impact our choices can have on others. In this new series of devotional blogs, and eventual eBook, we will embark on a journey to highlight the symbols of Christmas and what they mean. There is something significant about the symbols of Christmas that can teach us what it means to ‘reflect Christmas’ in everyday life. Now, it is not the purpose of this series to tell you to live like it's Christmas every day, instead, it is meant to be used as a tool to guide you as you journey to becoming your own 'reflection' the Spirit of Christmas. 


  It is easy to say, “If you live as though it is Christmas every day your life will be full of joy and love,” but the fact is, life is full of its ups and downs and we are only human. Living each day as a 'reflection' of the Spirit of Christmas, however, provides us with something more to live by. Doing this will not an easy task by any means; honestly, it will take a lot of hard work and devotion. Take a moment to look at the world around you, there is darkness pushing on all sides of the equation and each day comes with new troubles of its own to overcome (Matthew 6:34).

  As you read this series, the intention is to use the different symbols of Christmas to share with you the difference between living life from your own perspective and living life as a ‘reflection’ of the Spirit of Christmas. There as so many aspects, or symbols, of Christmas that we tend to overlook each year and it's time we all took a moment, or two, to stop and explore a little more about what the Spirit of Christmas is truly about. 

  Now, I am not so callous as to suggest that the words in this series are written in stone or that they are the only way to reflect the Spirit of Christmas, but this is a good place to start at least. My hope for you, as we embark on this journey, is simply that you will find a new way to view the Christmas season and that it will bring great joy to your heart (Proverbs 17:22).

Blessings in Christ, 


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