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Reflecting Christmas; The Christmas Wreath

  Much like the Christmas tree, the tree that is most commonly used to create a Christmas Wreath is the Evergreen. One would think logically that the Christmas Wreath would have a similar meaning, but this assumption is only partially true. In some cultures, the Christmas Wreath represents eternal life. In others it symbolizes perfection and unity, giving us something to strive for. In the Christian faith, however, this wreath is a symbol of Christ’s suffering at the crucifixion.  They believe that it is the representation of the crown of thorns he bore upon the cross. This is what has led many to the idea that the Christmas Wreath symbolizes eternal life, because that is what Jesus gave us when he died upon the cross.4

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   As many well know, a Christmas Wreath is usually formed in the shape of a circle, thus giving it no beginning or end. This is a representation of God who is the beginning and the end of all things. (Revelation 1:8 NIV). Everything in all of creation began with Him and it will, indeed, end with Him. I am reminded of that classic Disney movie, The Lion King. Throughout this movie, there is a lot of talk about something called, “The Circle of Life.” In the first film this mainly refers to what the lions eat and how they live, but as the trilogy continues we see something deeper develop; a connection to something more amazing than anything one could ever comprehend. The films reference ’the great kings of the past’ and how we are all connected to them. As believers, we can connect with the Great King of the past, present, and future, who is the one and only God.  

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  Every moment of our present life is connected to a moment in the past as well as to another in the future. Each one reveals a small part of the masterpiece God is creating within our hearts and throughout history. In the end, these connections will bring unity and perfection to the final chapter of this masterpiece. As we go about each day, we are given opportunities to add our own special strokes to the masterpiece before us. Sometimes the stroke we add can damage the picture being created and another, Jesus, must come along to fix it. Other times the smallest stroke, if made with God’s blessing, will add something beautiful, as He has planned. As you strive to “reflect the spirit of Christmas,” remind yourself that you are indeed part of God’s Masterpiece and that you were created to do the good things he has envisioned for you (Ephesians 2:10 NLT).  

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  As the Holiday season continues to make its debut, think about the true meaning behind the symbol of the Christmas Wreath. It symbolizes many things, but in the end it is a really good reminder of God's continuing work in your life. Each moment we experience is another stroke that can be added to God's amazing masterpiece, which is His version of the ‘circle of life.’

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