Saturday, June 27, 2015

What is Seen and Unseen: The Library Affect

Have you ever wondered if you were on the right path with God?

   I have asked myself this very question many times in my life and still it, on a daily basis. Yesterday, as I watched the facebook feeds begin to focus more on political endeavors (that is a post all its own) this question came to the forefront of my mind. As I pondered where I was in my own life, I felt the LORD told me to wait and trust that he would reveal the answer to me in time.

   This morning, I believe God gave me a dream to answer that question. This dream was quite eye opening. In the dream, I found myself walking along a path. This path was no ordinary path by any means but it was a path that, as a writer and partial visual learner, really made since. As I walked upon the path I found that is was made completely of Books/DVD's, much like I see in an actual library or book store. This may not seem very insightful at the moment but as I continue I hope you will see where I'm going.

   The odd thing about this path was that it was created by numerous bookends (short ends of a book) that were only a few inches long, so there wasn't much leeway when it came to finding the right balance. As I journeyed upon "The Bookend Path" I saw on either side of me mountains of other Books/DVD's on all sorts of subjects. With each section I came to I began to see my life unfolding before me. Every step I took was one of trying to balance myself so I would not fall off. Each new mountain of Books/DVD's I saw it made it harder to stay focused on the journey the path would take me on. As I journeyed deeper and deeper along the path into "The Library", it was almost as if I was being tested. Distractions would come and if I wavered at all, I would fall.

   Upon waking up from this dream, I began to realize, the path of books was the path I walk upon daily in my faith journey. Even though I don't always see it, it truly was there. I began to imagine myself in a library with those mountains of Books/DVD's and asked myself “Which section would be so distracting that I couldn't stay focused enough to keep going?" Then I understood that the section that would be the biggest distraction was the answer to my original question "Where am I at in my faith right now?" It was all too riveting. I will share my revelation another time.

   The reality is that each of us has our own "Bookend Path" we are on in our Journey and that we all have our own “Library” to travel through. Each of us has insecurities and desires that can divert us from focusing on staying on that path. We all have questions that need answered about where we are in our faith and if we are doing what is right. Every section in our individual libraries reveal to us something about ourselves and about what we are in our journey with God. As we endeavor to journey along this “Bookend Path” there are bound to be times when we fall off. The important thing is that we find our way back.

   “The Library Affect" may not seem like much to think about, but I challenge you today, too ask yourself and more importantly God "Where am I in my faith journey?" Then, if it helps, imagine yourself in that “Library” or on “The Bookend Path”. In time, God will reveal to you the answer. We cannot see this path on our own though, we must ask to see it and trust that God will reveal it to us when the time is right. When it is revealed to you though, it will open your eyes to an entirely new way of thinking.  

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Stand Strong and continue to believe the teachings given to you... (2 Thes. 2:15b NCV),


Thursday, June 4, 2015

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