Monday, February 17, 2014

Relections; Family ON Mission

Hey everyone, 

This is another article I've written recently, thought I'd posted for you guys here as well......

My family and I attended a conference with the 3DM ministry team mid-January. While there, one of the main topics of discussion was family and the role that family plays in ministry.
     One thing in particular was the concept of “Family ON Mission.” This concept is similar to what I shared on Christmas Eve when I spoke about precious moments we can have as families. Basically what I believe this concept shows us is that every family is called to a certain mission or purpose in life. While each family member may have different passions and desires in life there is always some type of task that God has brought them together to live out in their life together.

        I believe in my family it is to “remain in HIS love” (Jn 15:9). In everything we do, whether we are at home watching TV, at church together, out shopping, or at the park with our daughter; we are called to make every effort to live out this mission. It is God’s purpose for our lives.

        Each and every family has something similar that God has given them as a mission and purpose for their lives. As a church, we also have a calling as a church “Family ON Mission.” It is our task both as families and church families to seek God’s guidance to know what our Mission is. So the question is, are you willing to ask HIM?

More to come…

Blessings in Christ,
                                           Matt, Director of Family Ministries

Reflections; The Journey- Parable of the Barren Fig

Here is an article that I wrote for my Church Newsletter, I thought I would post it here for you guys as well...

From The Journey,

Greetings in Christ and Welcome to “The Journey,”

     I read a scripture the other day that really made me think, it’s about the “The Parable of the Barren Fig Tree.” It’s found in Luke 13:6-9 and Jesus shares it in the midst of pleading with the people to repent and believe.  

      Simply put, a man plants a fig tree in his vineyard, after three years it bears no figs, the man tells his gardener to cut it down but the gardener asks the man to leave it one more year so he can give it some special attention and says ‘if it still bears no figs after another year then you can cut it down.’  

     Interesting parable, isn’t it? As I thought about this parable, the word ‘caretaker’ kept coming to mind. It took me a while to process these two things, but here is what I received. The Man is God, Jesus is the gardener/caretaker, and the fig tree is man.  

     You see, Jesus is constantly taking care of us, interceding with God on our behalf, asking for more time to mold us into the fruit bearing ‘Fig tree’ God created each of us to be.  We are called to repent and believe in God. When we choose not to accept this we ‘bear no fruit.’ I believe the same concept applies to our great calling to ‘go forth and make disciples.’ 

     So my question for you this month is “Are you bearing the fruit God has called you to bear or is Jesus interceding with God asking for one more year?”

Continue the Journey,      
                                                 Matt, Director of Family Ministries 

The Puzzle

Hello Everyone, 

It's been about a month since I last posted something and right now Momma and Leyla are sleeping in the Living room so I thought I'd take the opportunity to write a post. We'll see if I get it done before they wake up :-).

Last night will I was following up with some good friends on facebook, I commented on a post about searching for Gods will and a 10,000 piece puzzle. The comment helped me make a spiritual connection between God's will, our lives and a puzzle. I'm sure people have done this before but I thought I'd share with you all my revelation...

The status post was about how sometimes finding Gods will is like trying to finish a 10,000 piece puzzle while blind folded. At first I was laughing but after a while it seems as though it was really something I needed to pay attention to so I did and I responded with what I thought God wanted me to write for this particular person but in reality it was something I needed to hear as well, thus why I am now bringing you what God has brought me :-)...

Truthfully finding Gods will is never really that simple and there are specific things that we need to work through before we can actually find Gods will. I know in my life there have been several occasions in which this was true. It was only when I found contenment in my own life did the eyes of my heart open up to Gods will for my family and I and why we are where we are at in life today. But let me keep on track here...

Finding Gods will can often feel like a 10,000 piece puzzle; We work hard to find one particular piece of the puzzle and it always seems like it's not even there when in reality it is we just can't see it right then. It seems like there is something about human nature that just seems to block out whats right there in front of us and nothing we do seems to work.

I know for me when I work on puzzles with my wife, I'm sitting there searching for that one piece that I just can't move forward without finding; out of the blue Traci says try looking at a different part of the puzzle for a second or two. Reluctantly I drop what I'm doing and focus on a different part of the puzzle and end up connecting more pieces of the picture together then I ever would have keeping my focus on that one piece. 

Usually once I've connected those other pieces, that one piece that I'd probably still be looking for is found (typically by Traci) in the midst of everything else and is the link to finishing the rest of the puzzle.

It is interesting to think about this in the spiritual context, (at least for me) if the puzzle is Gods will and the puzzle pieces are the steps we have to take in order to find Gods will for our lives, then maybe we aren't meant to see that part of Gods will yet and we need to be patient live our lives faithfully putting together the bigger picture. In the end, Gods will is still consistently being revealed to us through our faithfulness to seek HIM in our hearts and eventually that one missing piece will come to us in the most unexpected way. 

So here's my challenge for you, take time in the next few days to ask God, am I focusing to much on finding that one particular piece to the puzzle? If the answer is yes, then try looking at another part of the puzzle, maybe in the end that will lead to the answer you seek... 

Thanks again for visiting "The Gathering Room"
Stand Strong and continue to believe the teachings given to you... (2 Thes. 2:15b NCV),