Monday, February 17, 2014

Relections; Family ON Mission

Hey everyone, 

This is another article I've written recently, thought I'd posted for you guys here as well......

My family and I attended a conference with the 3DM ministry team mid-January. While there, one of the main topics of discussion was family and the role that family plays in ministry.
     One thing in particular was the concept of “Family ON Mission.” This concept is similar to what I shared on Christmas Eve when I spoke about precious moments we can have as families. Basically what I believe this concept shows us is that every family is called to a certain mission or purpose in life. While each family member may have different passions and desires in life there is always some type of task that God has brought them together to live out in their life together.

        I believe in my family it is to “remain in HIS love” (Jn 15:9). In everything we do, whether we are at home watching TV, at church together, out shopping, or at the park with our daughter; we are called to make every effort to live out this mission. It is God’s purpose for our lives.

        Each and every family has something similar that God has given them as a mission and purpose for their lives. As a church, we also have a calling as a church “Family ON Mission.” It is our task both as families and church families to seek God’s guidance to know what our Mission is. So the question is, are you willing to ask HIM?

More to come…

Blessings in Christ,
                                           Matt, Director of Family Ministries

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