Saturday, November 21, 2015

Reflecting Christmas: The Christmas Tree

Have you ever wondered why Evergreen trees are traditionally what we see when we think about the Christmas tree?

  Well, many have said that the Evergreen tree is an ancient symbol of life. The reason behind this is that in the depth of winter, they are usually the only trees that are left alive. If left in their natural habitat, evergreens have been known to survive many a harsh winter.  Ancient history dictates that even the Romans, in all their glory, would decorate their homes as a means of celebration during the winter months. 

  By the middle Ages, a legend rose saying that when Christ was born, in the midst of winter, that all the evergreen trees shook off the ice and snow covering them and grew new shoots of green. The idea of the Christmas tree has even been used as a symbol of Christ’s Lordship over creation. Once the Renaissance Era came about, the idea of using an Evergreen tree as a Christmas tree was rumored to be a part of some elaborate plan to get others to see they could actually have Eternal Life.1


  History has an interesting way of putting things in perspective, doesn't it? It makes a person wonder what this concept of using an Evergreen tree as a Christmas tree is really all about.  Many would argue that its only purpose is to bring a certain 'Christmassy' smell during the holiday season or that it only exists to add something else to our already overflowing plates during the holiday season. I would advocate that using the Evergreen tree is more about the representation of life.  

  The Evergreen stands out in the midst of winter as a symbol of strength and health during the winter season. Winter can be one of the best seasons of the year or one of the worst, but through it all, the Evergreen stands strong and full of life. We can 'Reflect' this in our own lives and we can stand strong and full of life in the midst of the darker and colder moments we experience. Embracing this will open many doors for us to 'reflect the spirit of Christmas.'


   Life is full of its ups and downs; there is no way around it. The key to overcoming them is to embrace a life that is different, a life that stands out, and a life that lives in the world, not of the world (Romans 12:2 NIV). The Evergreen tree gives us a good example of this because it is different, it stands out in the mix of winter weather all over the world, and its growth pattern sets it apart from other trees.

  Even after the Evergreen is cut down from its stump, it remains 'evergreen' for quite some time; hence why we often use them as Christmas trees. When it comes down to it, the symbol of the Christmas tree can remind us to embrace a life that stands out in the midst of the dark and cold world around us. So, next time you see an Evergreen Tree, think about how it can remind us to 'Reflect the Spirit of Christmas' with each day we are given.  

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Stand Strong and continue to believe the teachings given to you... (2 Thes. 2:15b NCV),


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