Friday, November 6, 2015

Reflecting Christmas: The Inspiration

Greetings Everyone,

  I know I said I would post the introduction to our new project next, but after some discussion and pray I felt that posting the Inspiration for this project is the next step in this journey. Just about three years ago, Traci and I we given a blessing, beyond what we could ever fathom. We were given our daughter Leyla. Often referred to as 'L'tle Lovable Leyla,' she has brought Joy to many in her short life and I am really excited about what God will do through her as she lives her life. She reminds us everyday that there is something worth fighting for in this dark world and this project has her name all over it.

  But, before I get to emotional here, I wanted to share with you something I wrote last year that could be considered the first attempt at this project. It is an article I wrote for a Church Newsletter at the church I was working for at this time last year. It is going into the finalized version of "Reflecting Christmas" as part of the opening act, so to speak.

Who can believe it? Christmas is only weeks away and God is ready to move in the lives of many. In years past, Christmas has always been a very busy season leaving really no time for me personally to enjoy what the holiday is all about.
For my family, Christmas was all about family and the celebration of our Savior's birth, Even though we had many Christmas’s with little to nothing my parents always made sure we found the Christmas spirit somehow, usually in the form of The Christmas Tree and the reading of The Christmas Story.
As I began to enter into the ministry in some way or another, that Innocent outlook on Christmas began to take a back seat as I saw suffering, pain and sorrow. I felt it was my duty to do whatever I could to help people see what I saw as a child. In doing so, I became too focused on bringing that idea to others that I lost sight of it in my own heart.
Last year that changed, for the first time since I was a child I began to see that innocent image of Christmas again, this revelation came in the form of my daughter, Leyla. Her birth has forever reminded me of the Joy Christmas brings me. Today, I encourage you to search deep within for what truly does the same for you and to embrace that Christmas Spirit as a Child of God.
“O father, may I find again the dreams of Childhood when thoughts of YOU filled ME with peace and I longed to know YOU more. Give ME a faith that trusts YOU implicitly.”

Well, I hope you enjoyed this 'reflective' Post, next post will be entitled, "Reflecting Christmas; The Introduction" ...

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Stand Strong and continue to believe the teachings given to you... (2 Thes. 2:15b NCV),


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