Sunday, June 11, 2023

Journey with Acts 2:47

Greetings Everyone, 

They praised God and were liked by all the people. Every day the Lord added those who were being saved to the group of believers. 44.2.47 NCV

These verses and those that come before it are some of my favorite verses in the book of Acts.  In my Bible verses 43-47 are given the title 'The Believers Share'.  I've always been fascinated by these verses as well. I often read through them and wonder how something like this could have actually happened. 

There was so much turmoil taking places around this time in history and I was always curious about how all this came together. People selling all their belongings, their land, their livelihood and then just giving all the proceeds to this young church, based on the death and resurrection of some man. I mean, we all know that this was not just some man, or at least I hope you do, but why did what Jesus stand for cause so much change.

Before Jesus, things were different. As far as I've seen in scripture, there were not really a ton of people giving up everything just because they could. No body really cared about anybody else. Everything was about the self, not the many. To see all the strange things taking place during this time would be crazy, right?

 Well, it really wasn't. The reason all this change was taking place was because people were starting to embrace a new way of living. They were beginning to build something better that any thing else history had ever really seen. Groups of people were coming together and building families, communities, and trusted allies Its got me wondering what that would actually look like in the chaos of the word around us today. 

When you are out in the world around you today, what are you doing to share what God has given you with those around you? Do you know what your purpose is? I know mine is to share things like this post and I want to give my all in that gift, just like the people in the Church during the time the above passage was written.

Look around you, and ask yourself the questions today!

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