Sunday, June 4, 2023

Journey with Acts 2:39


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"This promise is for you, for your children, and for all who are far away. It is for everyone the Lord our God calls to himself." 44.2.39 NCV

The context of this specific verse is something special. In the previous verses we read Peters words about the gift that God gives us by filling us with the Holy Spirit. When you tie in those previous verses, this verse becomes a beautiful reminder of how much God desires to revel His love to us. He wants us to receive this special gift.

While this passage of scripture does not go to much into what that actually means, it is something significant to each of us. The gift o the Holy Spirit is available to us all. The only requirement is for us to give our hearts completely to Him. Hmm, completely. Its not that simple at times is it? We can do and say all the right things, but what it really comes down to is the choice we make. 

We have to freely change our hearts and let go of everything else. We can't hide any of it, we have to let go of it all.  There is this song by Todd Agnew entitled 'Always There' that was playing while I started this post and in that song it talks about how God is with us always regardless how far we run. It is interesting that the very next song was a song by MercyMe entitled 'Word of God Speak,' because in that song it talks about being still and resting in Gods holiness.  

That is the change the verses here in Acts chapter 2 is talking about, accepting that God is already there. He is waiting for us to listen to His voice, to let his voice speak to us through the Holy Spirit. The question is though, why is it so hard to accept sometimes? I mean it really seems like the easiest choice we will ever have to make, but the reality is that it is not always as simple as we imagine it to be. Accepting that we need to change though, is the first step.  I know that for myself, admitting that I need to change is one of the hardest things I've ever done. 

The beauty of accepting this gift though, is that it also comes with forgiveness. No matter how many times we screw up, that gift is always there, just like Him.

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