Friday, December 1, 2023

The Cyprus Journal: Book Description

One Young Man. His Significant Story. A Witness of the Early Church.

A young man once called John, now much older and called Mark, spent years serving those close to the one called Savior. His life, seemingly insignificant, had more purpose than most may realize. Was he one of the Original Founders? No, but he was with them and earned his place among them. This is where his story began, and also where it may have ended.
Many knew him as the young cousin to Barnabas the Encourager, the son of Mary who offered her home to honor the Savior and those who followed Him, or even the man who abandoned Paul on his First Missionary Journey, but there is more to his story. His story is one of new beginnings, a promise fulfilled, and a man who overcame fear of the unknown.

The Cyprus Journal is a first-hand account of the ministry on the Island of Cyprus, through the eyes of John Mark as he documents his life's calling as a memento to those who fear failure. His Purpose? To remind those who have fallen away from the faith, that they are not alone in their failures. To foster growth and to encourage them to Come Home!

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