Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Petros Journals; Forward Motion


I am sure that by now, my facebook followers are starting to see some quotes that look pretty random. Well, I am here to tell you, they aren't random at all. They are quotes from my upcoming project, The Petros Journals; Memoirs from the Apostle Peter.

I am very excited to say that the release of this book is coming very soon. I just got the final product back from my editors and am making a few last minute changes to the Project. I can't describe how excited I am about releasing this Biblical Historical Fiction. 

Without further Adu, The forward to "The Petros Journals."
This project began as a personal journey. As someone who writes as much as possible, I thought it would be a great way for me to gain a deeper understanding of who Peter was in history and what his life could have been like. I wanted to find a way to further my own walk, and truthfully, I relate to Peter more than any of the other Apostles.

His story echoes my own in so many different ways, and I am surprised I didn’t think about going deeper into his story before.

While the contents of this small book are based on Biblical events, the words written are fictional accounts of what could have taken place. They have been developed through my own study of Peter the Apostle, and I have used scripture as the basis of my interpretation of this historical figure.

To be truthful, this project was never meant to be released. In fact, I never really wanted anyone even to see it, but once I had finished the first few chapters, God began to speak to my spirit.

I was greatly encouraged by others to share it. So, I have. I share this project with you to present a fresh image of the gospel and to show that even Peter, the one called Rock, was human.  It is my hope that those who read through this book find as much encouragement from it as I have.

For me, going through this journey has helped me gain a deeper understanding of who Jesus was through the eyes of one of his closest followers. I believe it will do the same for you, the reader.

Remember, there is more to the story that we see on the surface and that times of refreshing do indeed come from the Lord.

Blessings in Christ and Thanks again for visiting us at "The Gathering Room."

"Times of refreshing come from the presence of the Lord." 45.3.20

M.J. Elliott


  1. This is exciting Matthew. I'm really happy for you. I can't wait to see the book. I'm glad that even if it began as some blog posts, you decided to turn it into a book.

    1. Thanks Scott, You've always been so good to comment on these. Your Awesome.