Friday, July 25, 2014

The Waters Part- Our Story; Gods Glory

Hey Everyone, 

I wanted to take this opportunity to share a few little tidbits from the sermon series I've been working on while the senior pastor at the church I serve in is on his renewal leave.

I feel God is sending HIS people a message in this season that is meant to remind us that OUR STORY needs to be about GODS GLORY and nothing else. I plan on sharing that message with anyone who will listen (or in this case read, LOL). 

So, for my first post on this I want to share from Joshua chapter 3. 

This story is an amazing story of blind faith and trusting in the things unseen (as Hebrews 12 states). It starts off with Joshua's people on the bank of the Jordan River on their way to the promised land. The thing about this situation is that the Israelite's are facing a huge problem, it's in the middle of flood season, the waters are very deep and no one can cross through it to the other side. 

A book called "My time with God" shares the following as a reflection of this story....

"God could have easily made the river subside before their eyes. He could throw a wide bridge across it, but he doesn't. Instead he gives Joshua some strange orders that he passes on... He commands the priest to pick up the ark and go stand in the river.... In spite of doubt the priest did as they were asked....'As soon as the priest who carried the ark reached the Jordan and their feet touched the waters edge, the water from upstream stopped flowing... The priest stood on dry ground in the middle of the Jordan while all Israel passed across dry ground' (Josh 3:15-17)."

That is an amazing story to me, it taught me two very important lessons that I believe we all need to learn...

1. We need to embrace GODS GLORY in our lives.
2. When we do HE reveals HIS GLORY through OUR STORY.

I can't imagine being able to experience the revelation of GOD GLORY in the midst of a situation like this. Here is last paragraph from the insight to this story...

"God didn't give the priests absolute proof or even overwhelming evidence that the waters would part. He DID NOTHING until they put their feet in the water, TAKING THE FIRST STEP of commitment and obedience. Only then did HE stop the flow of the river. In the same way, mountain-moving faith will be given to us as we step out and follow the LORDS direction."

Let me leave you with this for the night, How true is that last sentence for us today in our journey of faith in Christ?  

I encourage you to read this story for yourself today and ask HIM, what can I learn from this?

 Thanks again for visiting "The Gathering Room"

Stand Strong and continue to believe the teachings given to you... (2 Thes. 2:15b NCV),


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